Strategies to Organise Your Marketing

Let’s be honest, how many of us business owners have our Marketing under control. If you find that your marketing is deviating against you and has a mind of its own, then don’t panic. I will be covering all the steps to take in order to get it tamed and working hand in hand with your business.

Before we get into all the good stuff, let’s take some time to understand the importance of organisation in marketing.


The importance in organisation in marketing

Firstly, I’d like to state that organisation brings comfort to our soul and a sense of security!! Keeping your mental health in check is highly important and being able to plan in advance will relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. As humans it’s only natural that if we want something to go to plan, we organise it in advance. We wouldn’t expect important dates such our wedding day to plan themselves, so why would we do the same with our business?

Secondly, being organised gives you an advantage of being more time efficient. Time management is an important factor especially if you run your business on your own. You will be able to schedule in time for the different areas in your business and potentially outsource certain tasks where you know you wouldn’t be able to complete all on your own. In addition it will give you a better understanding of what areas need more attention.

Lastly, when everything is organised you can start to take advantage of your marketing opportunities and become proactive as well as reactive. Proactive means to schedule in your marketing in advance, whereas being reactive means that you’re able to seize opportunities in the moment.

Now lets begin!!

Tip 1: Lets get real smart before we get big

Before we get down and dirty with our marketing, we must ensure that we understand what it is that we actually want to achieve. We must set ourselves realistic goals and objectives in advance to work towards. I have worked with many clients that have initially jumped to big ideas without laying down the foundations. What I’m trying to say is that the more realistic your goals are the easier it will be to get to the next level and create bigger and better goals.



It’s really easy to make deadlines up in our head and if not met, reschedule them for a different date. We need to get out of this habit and hold ourselves accountable as it only puts more pressure on us in the long run. If we find ourselves constantly setting deadlines that we hardly manage to obtain, maybe it’s time we look outside of the box for help. Getting someone else involved that cares or will make you care is a great way to ensure that your deadlines are met.  This could be one of your colleagues, a contractor or even a business coach. There are benefits to each one, so you can decide what best suits you.

In addition, if you’re a soletrepeneur and your budget is not very big, get your audience to hold you accountable.  This could be by announcing launches in advance to get potential customers excited, which can result to you being motivated to reach those deadlines, so that they are not disappointed.

Tip 3: Stop overestimating your time

Lets not lie to ourselves, procrastination is real and we often get distracted while completing tasks. Its important to practice completing tasks and recording how long it takes us to complete so that we are able to pick up on our pattern. At the start it might take you longer to complete that blog, but once you get into the habit, you become better and quicker. Don’t forget to also take note of your distractions during the tasks and how much time that takes up. You might find that actually your able to get tasks done pretty quickly and what you actually need to work on is your focus.

Furthermore, You can plan your timetable ahead of time to get more done. For example, rather than editing posts one at a time, you can get them done all at once where you might find is more efficient as you are already in the zone.

TIP 4: Write it down

Have you ever had an epic dream where you woke up the next day and couldn’t remember a thing? Marketing ideas can often float around in our head during the day and it’s important that we grab hold of them before they escape. This way you do not have the stress of remembering that cool idea and you’ll be able to implement it in when you plan your marketing tasks. Its important that we keep our list separate to our main business list as we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves with how much needs to get done.

TIP 5: File it all away

Not only do we need to organise our files in the office, but we need to sort out our files on the web. In marketing, it’s likely that we will collaborate with graphic designers or contractors and there’s nothing worst then delaying the craft because the other party is waiting on you to send them resources. Get ahead of the game and try and locate your files to somewhere more accessible so that whoever you are working with, their creativity flow of isn’t put on hold because they don’t have all the resources they need. This can easily be done by using drop box folders.


Summary of hints and tips

Be realistic and set smart goals

Tick everything off as you go along

Keep your business and marketing lists separate

Don’t be afraid to ask for external help

Collaborate with others if you know you can’t do it on your own

Time yourself on daily task to work out how efficient you are

Keep the files online that others will need to access