It’s super easy to get burnt out from running many different social media accounts at once, whether you are an SME or a large corporation. It’s also common to not only have multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but also to have multiple accounts on those platforms. For example, some could be for sales, while others are for customer service. With so much going on and the risk of burnout perhaps fast approaching, is there a way to effectively manage different social media accounts on these platforms?


The Pros and Cons of Having Different Social Media Accounts

If you have multiple social media accounts, you can share a variety of content with a broader audience. Forexample, some users may dislike using Facebook, but will have a Tiktok account and would rather consume your content there. You may find your audience is different on LinkedIn and your audience there would rather receive business updates rather than sales posts. Because of this, you can then talk to different audiences and cater your content to the specific audiences that make up most of that social media platform.

LinkedIn is also mostly used for B2B sales, so by understanding the audience of each platform you can segment potential customers, this can also lead to sharing niche content to talk to a specific audience.  Similarly, to the example used before; LinkedIn is a platform where businesses can share business updates, such as new team members or changes they are making as a business. People may be more interested in these over sales posts which are typically found on Instagram and Facebook.

However, with all these pros, there are a few cons. Brand management may suffer (and content may be confusing to customers) if no guide is put in place and consistency to post across different platforms may be difficult.

How to Manage Social Media Platforms

Create a social media strategy

Whether you have a team or are a one-man band, it is vital to stay on brand. By creating a social media strategy and a style guide you can ensure this way both you and your team stick to the set policies and procedures to ensure the brand remains consistent across all different social media platforms. Even if the different social media accounts have different goals, a strategy to adhere to can keep both you and your team on the same page to ensure the company’s message is always at the forefront of your social media.

If you need help producing a social media guide and/or style guide, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.


Use analytics to track how your content performs

Whatever platforms you decide to use, keep track of the engagements to your content! This can help you see what works the best and where. Linking back to the example we used previously, LinkedIn sales content wouldn’t work as well as business updates due to the nature and audience on the platform. This way, you can track what content works the best and where.


Use social media management software

If you find yourself lacking a creative flow, we recommend using Canva. Canva has thousands of free-to-use templates, allowing you to swap in and out images, text and change colours to fit your brand’s style. The templates also follow the correct sizing for the specific social media platforms. For example, a Facebook post isn’t going to fit or scale properly on Twitter!

You may also find yourself short on time, especially since running a business can be time-consuming. Sometimes the best time to post to your social media accounts may be out of office hours. Using a social media scheduler such as Buffer, Hootsuite or Later, will be beneficial, as you can easily schedule your content and the content’s caption including hashtags. The schedulers will also post your content to your selected social media accounts at whatever time and day you choose. This means you do not have to be at your computer for your social media to get updated. You could be making dinner or catching up with friends at the weekend and your content would still post at the required time and date you have set – making things a hundred times easier!

How to Manage Social Media Platforms

Our expert marketing services can help you in social media content creation and scheduling. If you find yourself needing help in those areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

These are a few steps we recommend for you to take to effectively manage your multiple social media platforms. If you would like more advice, or a power hour with us to answer any questions you may have about your marketing, please contact us on 07957 483435 or send us an email at