Social media for a business is an art form. While it can seem very daunting, having to keep up with schedules, trends, and interactions, social media can be a game-changer for your business. So, this week, we’re showing you how to create the perfect social media plan!

Plan your content 


A content planner can help you plan for the month ahead. While it may seem a strenuous task, it prevents meaningless and repetitive posts. Choosing a topic per week can help you envision your posts, reels, and stories surrounding the topic. You can also plan your content based on what’s going on that month, if there’s a change in season, any significant, relevant national days, or events as these can be used to boost your reach.

Create your content 


Creating your content in bulk can save time in the long run. Using graphic design platforms online or organically creating content on your phone are great ways of keeping your content fresh and different. If you don’t have time to dedicate a day to content creation, then make sure you’re capturing moments throughout the week to be used later. Filming everyday tasks can turn into a ‘day in the life’ video; behind the scenes of a business perform well on social media, increasing reach while also informing and engaging with your audience.



Using a social media scheduling tool or platform allows you to stay consistent and post at optimal times. Most social media scheduling tools will offer analytics to inform you of when is the peak time to post; this is usually the time when most of your audience is online (normally this is after 5pm when everyone has finished work). Scheduling tools also allow you to manage multiple platforms from one place. This means you can post the same content across channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also customise your posts for different content and captions to suit the platform, for example, Instagram doesn’t let you add a link to your caption, whereas Facebook does!



Once your social media has been scheduled and posted, it’s important to manage these posts. If your audience comments or shares your content, it’s always a good idea to interact and respond to them. Keeping an eye on your direct messages, comments and shares keeps you connected with your audience and keeps them engaging in your content.

Check your analytics


We recommend checking your social media analytics at least once a month. These help you understand what’s working and what isn’t. If certain posts are performing well, these analytics will inspire you to post more of this content and vice versa for the content that isn’t performing as well. Analytics can give your social media the boost it needs as good analytics will encourage you to stay consistent while poor analytics should encourage you to up your game!

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