The Best Social Media Management Tools

Social media management has become the job of the century. With more than 2 billion users on Facebook, and billions more on Instagram and Twitter, it’s no wonder that marketers are always on the hunt for ways to get their messages in front of potential customers.

Social media management is about listening and engaging with your own audience and your clients audience — responding to comments, liking posts from other users, sharing content they like and creating original content that will get them excited about your brand.

But how do you make all that happen without going crazy? The answer is marketing tools! You need tools to help you manage your social media accounts, but also tools to help you create and distribute content across different channels so that it reaches the right people at the right time. We have put together our top four favourite tools and why we love using them!



Starting strong with Canva! If you don’t know what Canva is or have never used it – it is worth getting to know! Canva is a simple graphic design tool for anyone, it is user friendly and offers a broad range of accessibilities for being creative. Canva offers a free version which is still amazing for basic content creation as well as post and reel templates! The free version is perfect for personal use, or just limited and basic use.

If you have a bigger company or you are heavily active on social media, you may want to invest in Canva Pro. This is the paid version of Canva and gives you wider access to a range of stock photos, stock videos, templates, brand colour templates and much more! This is the version we personally love, it allows us to be creative whilst using an easy to access, simply to use graphic design tool. We also love how we are able to have access to everything in one area, for example you don’t need to come out of Canva to search for stock images, you can just pop to the stock images search bar and all of the relevant ones will come up.  There is no need to pay either for stock images – this all comes with your pre paid plan. Canvas templates are also great! But don’t forget, if they don’t look right with your own images or brand colours, it’s because the templates were made to fit the images that came in it originally.  They are still a great place to take inspiration from, but maybe try making your own templates!

Canva isn’t only brilliant for creating social media content – but blog, website graphics and printed posters and leaflets too, it’s a graphic design tool so anything goes!



We rely on Later to schedule all of our clients content, as well as our own. Scheduling tools save so much time and put your mind at ease. You can bulk schedule and by doing this you are saving valuable time to focus time elsewhere. Of course, we recommend that you still go onto your socials to interact with your audience. Just because you have scheduled all of your content, it doesn’t mean that your socials need to be abandoned – they still need love!

We in particularly love using Later because it is simple to use, allows you to schedule onto multiple platforms and also gives you your channel’s analytics – we find it practical to have all of this in one place!  There are also many other social media scheduling systems available so it is worth exploring free trials so you can get a flavour of your favourite one.



Flick is a brilliant tool that we use for hashtag research. This is a great tool to use if you find yourself always using the same hashtags, or you just can’t think of which hashtags to use for your business, or other businesses content. Taking the time to do hashtag research will bring more audiences to your post and even more important, they will be the correct audience types If you have used the right, relevant hashtags. Ultimately, those hashtags can lead to conversions of sales and website clicks.

We love Flick because is easy to use with its clear format. Additionally, if you are the social media manager for multiple businesses, Flick has a ‘collections’ drop down where you can add your company brand names.  Here you can add in their relevant hashtags into a collection so you can always have them, which we find so helpful to distinguish between brands.


Google My Business


Google My Business is a tool that enables you to manage and optimise your business profile on Google. So to explain what Google My Business is and how it works, let’s first make sure we’re clear on what a business profile is. Your business profile is Google’s term for your Google business listing. Business profiles appear in Google Maps and in the local results of Google Search.

There are so many amazing social media management tools out there, and the ones we have listed are just a few of many that we love using!

Need some help with your own social media management? We can help.  Contact our friendly team for a no-obligation chat around your business and how we can potentially help you.